Jeremiah Project – Day One

Editor’s Note: This week some of our middle school students are participating in a week-long mission trip in Goochland, VA called the Jeremiah Project. During the day, the students are split into smaller crews and sent out to a number of homes in the area to do home and yard repair. Throughout the week, we’ll be posting updates from the trip written by students.

Today was a good day. We helped out a lady named Mrs. Fowler. She was really grateful that we came. What we did was use swing scythes to take down a field of weeds taller than me and the size of a basketball court. We also cleaned Mrs. Fowler’s gutters and her garden. During our devotional in the middle of the day we were talking about how you should store your treasures in heaven and not worry about the material items you have. We said it isn’t smart to put your hopes in material items because they can be taken away. When we finished talking about that our water cooler spilled and we were left with no water. We came to realize that the water was like material possessions, if you put your hopes and dreams into them then you will be left disappointed. Luckily, Mrs. Fowlers son gave us some more water and we had a great rest of day. So, I guess the theme of today is to always rely on God, because he never disappoints.
- Kevin Benson

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48 Responses to Jeremiah Project – Day One

  1. Carol Benson says:

    Kevin, you make me smile even when you’re gone! Hope you have a great week. I miss you & love you.

  2. Dave Edwards says:

    Does anybody know when Day 2 is coming? I loved Kevin Benson’s post and would like to hear more about what they’re doing!

    • We are hoping to be able to post daily updates from the JP team, however, access to internet there is not always available. Keep checking back throughout the week as we might get several posts in one day when internet becomes available.

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