Saturday , 6 February 2016
  • Spiritual Fervor

    I am what I like to call a professional volunteer. That’s usually what I say when people ask, “So what do you do?”

  • Giving and Receiving Care

    In my career I have the privilege of partnering with parents who have children with special health care needs. I am constantly amazed at how these parents manage to do so much with so little.

  • Celebrating the Small Successes

    I don’t know about you but I find something refreshing about starting a new year. We come off of a usually busy but hopefully enjoyable Christmas holiday and jump into a changing of the dates—a new year.

  • When Heaven Touches Earth

    Over the holidays, our home was brimming with joy and laughter, a continuously messy kitchen sink and the rustle of wrappings. All of the chicks were back in the coop as I like to say, and it was heaven on earth!

  • Run Your Race

    One beautiful May day several years ago, as I headed down to our basement to work out, I found myself wishing that my exercise routine could be done outside instead.

  • Never Any Fear

    Never Any Fear

    Some people begin the new year with noisemakers and fireworks. Some start January 1 with resolutions and well-meaning promises to lose weight, stop smoking or live a slower lifestyle. I started New Year’s Day as I usually do…sleeping in, watching the Rose Parade on TV and relishing a day of ... Read More »
  • The Power of My God

    The Power of My God

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Expect the Unexpected

  • Open My Eyes

    Open My Eyes

  • Singing for God

    Singing for God

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