Thursday , 27 October 2016
  • Thank You Cards

    I received a thank you recently from a friend. It was an email, probably no more than four to five sentences. I was struck that something so brief could have such an impact.

  • Finding a True Identity in Christ

    I often find that lack of gratitude occurs when I hold a lost or confused identity about who I am and who other people are.

  • FOG: Fear of Giving

    Coffee with the Pastors is a recurring event where the pastors lay out, in very simple terms, what it means to be a part of Floris UMC.

  • 150 Reasons Why We Are Free Today

    Have you ever noticed how contagious gratitude can be?

  • Gratitude Over Grumpiness

    The morning was dark. I realize it’s not surprising that it was dark at 6:30 a.m., but somehow it seemed extra dark that Sunday.

  • Why Do We Go on Mission Trips?

    Why Do We Go on Mission Trips?

    Editor’s Note: In May 2016, a group of Floris UMC adults traveled to South Carolina to assist in rebuilding houses affected by recent floods. The following is a blog submitted by those group members. When we pulled up to our worksite, it was about 100 degrees outside. We arrived at ... Read More »
  • How Blessed

    How Blessed

  • Surprised by Community

    Surprised by Community

  • Our Hard Work

    Our Hard Work

  • Already Feels Like Home

    Already Feels Like Home

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