Monday , 26 January 2015
  • What is Your Dawn Wall?

    Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are two names I’ll bet most of us had never heard of prior to this January.

  • Sketching Angels That Are Bigger Than Life

    Ah, the clean slate of a new year. Fresh off the Christmas holiday, we’re feeling good about ourselves.

  • Keeping Christmas

    If we’re not careful, Christmas can feel like another item on our to do list.

  • Dealing with the Unplanned

    Some of my darkest times have been when the future I mapped out for myself was not the future I was experiencing: struggling to conceive a child, dealing with a difficult diagnosis, or working through the challenges of aging parents.

  • Celebrate the Day

    This Christmas is a little different for me. During this season I’m often focused on all that goes into Christmas and worship at Floris.

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