Thursday , 30 October 2014
  • Overwhelmed by Restoration

    I have ‘had a moment’ a few times in my life. This ‘moment’ is hard to explain to other people, but it’s that feeling that you have when all seems to be right with the world.

  • What Does Generosity Look Like?

    Time. Advice. Contacts. Hugs. My late mother Myrna was generous with all of these things. More than that, she was generous with her spirit.

  • Making A Difference

    We have a great team of nine volunteers with several skilled players with construction experience and expertise.

  • Thank You Child Rescue Centre

    “You miss him, don’t you, Mommy?” This is the question my daughter asked as she looked at my phone and saw the wallpaper picture of me and a little boy from Sierra Leone.

  • Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry

    It is very easy for me to get swept up in the waters of busyness and hurry.

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