Monday , 27 April 2015
  • Bouncing Back

    I’ve had a rough start this year. I feel a bit like the boxing clown toy that I had as a child.

  • The Messy Road to a Miracle

    I love flowers. I delight in flowers. I find a tremendous amount of joy in looking at flowers, caring for flowers and watching plants transform from ugly tubers or seedlings into works of art.

  • Be There

    Growing up I played basketball. I was never very good, but I was taller than most girls my age and had an athletic build so I was like a real-life optical illusion, which helped during tryouts.

  • Easter: It's Not About The Egg

    One of my favorite Easter traditions as a kid came courtesy of a much beloved aunt and uncle.

  • First Fridays

    I grew up in a small church and it was easy to share your talent and grow in your gift.

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