Saturday , 25 June 2016
  • Calling All Evangelists

    Evangelism. Ugh. This word seriously grosses me out.

  • The Power of Me Too

    There is healing magic in the words “me too.”

  • Love Knows No Bounds

    As I looked at the handwriting I recognized it instantly—it was my father’s distinct cursive.

  • You Remind Me of Your Father

    There’s just something about a father, isn’t there? It’s been nearly two years since my earthly father went on to glory, but the celebration of his life feels like it was yesterday.

  • Building a Cathedral

    In almost any situation there are leaders and there are followers. Both positions are equally important, but to be a leader who makes a difference, you need to be able to see the bigger picture in whatever you’re doing.

  • Consume-aholic


    It all started with HGTV. The new show that caught my attention was “Tiny House Hunters,” and let me tell you—I was hooked. “I could totally live like this,” I thought with moral superiority. As the week went on, HGTV soon led me down a rabbit hole of other home ... Read More »
  • Haiti Mission Trip 2016

    Haiti Mission Trip 2016

  • Agree to Disagree

    Agree to Disagree

  • A World Without Color

    A World Without Color

  • Spending Ourselves

    Spending Ourselves

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